Dietitian, Nutritionist and Registered Nurse based in Brisbane, using a non-diet alternative to weight loss.

Hi there, welcome to my site. I’m Maddy, a non-diet, Dietitian and verified member of Health At Every Size ® (HAES) Australia.

My practice focus is quite different in that I do not prescribe weight loss diets. Instead, I use the evidence-based, non-diet approach, which sits under the HAES umbrella. This framework explores lifestyle behaviours and how they interact with your health.

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Is the non-diet approach the right fit for you?

  • Are you looking to get out of diet hell?
  • Tired of being a slave to the scales?
  • Do food thoughts consume your day?
  • Would you like to move away from relentless calorie counting and deprivation, and into an empowered space of food freedom?
  • Keen to explore/nurture/heal your relationship with food?

The non-diet approach is suitable for anyone who has ever been on a diet, and does not involve weighing to measure success. Instead, I use a variety of relevant health markers when working with you.

Interested in knowing more about the non-diet approach and how it can help you?

Hesitant about seeing a Dietitian?

If you have never seen a Dietitian before, you may have a few questions, and assumptions. After all, Dietitians do have a reputation for being strict with food rules.

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