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Skinny cow

This tip is easy to implement and is sure to assist with weight loss.

If you have full cream milk in your coffee, simply swapping to skim milk will save you roughly 10g of fat and 300kJ for a regular size cup (330mL).

This can also be carried on for milk on your cereal or with tea. Or if you still prefer the creamy taste, try a smarter white milk that has the creamy taste but only 2% fat.

2 thoughts on “Skinny cow”

  1. Hey Mads

    Loving the posts here! how are you going up in Rocky? When you back down in Brisbane?

    Hey – quick query regarding this post, I heard that while skim milk has less fat – it has the same or higher content of sugar? is this true and/or a concern?? or better to keep the fat content down over the sugar content??

    Hope to catch up with you when you are back down in Brissie ☺

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Nice to hear from you, thanks for the question too! This is my final week up here, then I am back in Brisbane. We will definitely have to arrange a catch up, it’s been too long.

      Ok, so with milk, from a calorie perspective, fat has more calories than sugar, so the fat content might be more important. But, sugar is too. Skim milk actually contains the least sugar and fat content of them all, whereas trim milk contains just slightly more sugar than full cream, but half the fat. I guess it comes down to taste preferences then, of half cow or skinny cow. I hope this helps :).

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