Weight Loss Sabotage

This week’s healthy tip relates to drinks we enjoy throughout the day that might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. By drink I mean any liquid other than water, basically.

Beverages such as juice, soft drinks or energy drinks can really contribute to your overall energy intake across the day and are what I call empty calories as they are providing sugar and not much in the way of nutrients or vitamins. And watch out for so called vitamin water as it is simply water with added sugar.

So if you are watching your weight, check the next label of your drink before consuming and find out how much sugar is in the entire product.

As an example, a 600mL bottle of cola contains 13 teaspoons of sugar!! This equates to a whopping 1080kJ. You could eat that amount of kilojoules in much more food and feel satisfied and actually lose weight, as well as reduce your dentist bill as all of that sugar will contribute to cavities.

Another example, a 500mL bottle of orange juice can contain 8 teaspoons of sugar and 800kJ. Again, too much sugar packed in to liquid.

Alcohol, iced coffee, smoothies and frappes are much the same, so think carefully about what these drinks are offering you, or indulge in a smaller portion to reduce your overall energy intake.

Have a fabulous weekend, thanks for stopping by.

Maddy (THG).

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