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What’s your health and fitness age?

What’s your health and fitness age?

The Queensland Government has recently launched a new campaign to promote a healthier and happier life, by addressing growing rates of obesity and overweight in Queensland.

Did you know that 65% of Queenslanders are obese are overweight? This makes us the largest state in Australia.

To help reduce this statistic, and our waistlines, there are several achievable steps that can be taken. It is never too late to make small changes that can produce lasting results.

The Healthier.Happier. website has a calculator to check your health and fitness age which is a good starting point. The tool asks questions on diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors that can contribute to weight gain. I just calculated mine and fortunately it was the same as my real age. However I still have room for improvement, such as making more time to exercise and eating at the kitchen table with no TV, tablet, laptop or phone on at the same time!

Growing up, my family ate dinner at the kitchen table with the TV switched off, and I think this is a great idea. It encourages conversation and should be a quiet time to enjoy away from the electronic distractions of our modern lifestyle. By focusing more on the food (and less on status updates) this might equate to a heightened awareness of fullness signals, meaning you will eat less by responding to your bodies inner cues. Sound good?

Just click on the link above, I think it is definitely worth a look. There are also some healthy recipes to inspire healthier cooking. The guacamole and veggie lasagne are recipes I will be trying.

Thanks for stopping by, Madeleine.

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