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Non-Diet Approach

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating involves eating with non-judgemental enjoyment, while incorporating all of our senses. It is a skill that can be applied daily, to help you break free from eating behaviours that no longer serve you. Such behaviours push you further away from tuning in to your body. Mindful eating brings awareness to the present moment,… Continue reading What is mindful eating?

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Nutrition Advice

Foods to eat when you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is a time of exceptional growth, change, development and sacrifice. The female body undergoes an enormous transformation while it focuses solely on, and prioritises the nourishment of the foetus. Ultimately, your baby is first in line for any nutrients. Therefore, the Mother is often lacking. Ensuring optimal nutrition is never more important than before,… Continue reading Foods to eat when you’re pregnant

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Gut Health

Coeliac Awareness Week March 13th – 20th, 2019

For those of you that know me personally, you will have heard all about my personal struggles with Coeliac disease. My path to a correct diagnosis was unnecessarily delayed. My Mother has Coeliac disease; after living Gluten Free for 8 years I feel I am qualified to offer advice on the topic. My journey stresses… Continue reading Coeliac Awareness Week March 13th – 20th, 2019

Health At Every Size

The best diet for 2019

I started writing this in January, it's now April. Clearly we are now well in to the year, however I still felt it necessary to share. Pretend it's January. Are you ready for the onslaught of diet messages? If I'm honest, I have been hiding away in social media land pretending that if I have… Continue reading The best diet for 2019

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Health At Every Size

Eat, drink and be mindful this Christmas

Ah, Christmas. "The most wonderful time of the year", I was assured today while listening to Andy Williams sing his famous festive song, as my daughters danced around me. This led me to thinking.. Is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year, with the full force of diet culture at large? Diet culture… Continue reading Eat, drink and be mindful this Christmas