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Eat, drink and be mindful this Christmas

Ah, Christmas. "The most wonderful time of the year", I was assured today while listening to Andy Williams sing his famous festive song, as my daughters danced around me. This led me to thinking.. Is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year, with the full force of diet culture at large? Diet culture… Continue reading Eat, drink and be mindful this Christmas

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The Non-Diet Approach

If you have just stumbled across the non-diet approach you might be wondering what this strange concept is? If dieting is off the table, what is left? If you have had a long relationship with diets, what you are about to read may be any of the following: Very new to you May go against… Continue reading The Non-Diet Approach

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Christmas Santas

Day 16 of Christmas, and I found a cute treat on the Good Food blog. My sister made these last year and they look fantastic on the dessert or snack tray. TIP   Be sure to make these quickly or the top half may start sliding if it's a hot day as it has been in… Continue reading Christmas Santas