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What are you hungry for?

Hunger. We all experience it, several times a day. Or at least we should experience it several times a day. Modern life means that for some, true hunger is never really experienced. Instead, some are bombarded with mixed messages all day, meaning that their intrinsic hunger cues are subdued. More eating occasions throughout the day… Continue reading What are you hungry for?

Nutrition Advice

Nutritional considerations during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of exceptional growth, change, development and sacrifice. The female body undergoes an enormous transformation while it focuses solely on, and prioritises the nourishment of the foetus over itself. Ultimately, the baby is first in line for any nutrients required, often leaving the Mother lacking in critical vitamins and minerals. Ensuring optimal nutrition is… Continue reading Nutritional considerations during pregnancy

Nutrition Advice

Health Star Ratings – A Guide

You may have noticed a new star rating logo on some of your favourite grocery items in the supermarket? Wondering what it's all about? This is a voluntary front of pack health rating system that is funded by state and Federal Governments to highlight healthier food options to consumers, in an attempt to reduce overweight and obesity… Continue reading Health Star Ratings – A Guide

Nutrition Advice

Health Watch: Unpasteurised Milk

This week a young boy from Victoria died after consuming raw, unpasteurised cow's milk. This is very sad news. As a parent to be, I can only imagine the heartbreak that they must be enduring. I am sure that the milk was given to him in good faith, unfortunately the milk proved to be deadly for… Continue reading Health Watch: Unpasteurised Milk