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Egg Free Dairy Free Mini Berry Pavlovas

Thinking about Christmas food can be tricky enough without having to factor in dietary needs or allergies. Fortunately, there are loads of options available so family members don't need to miss out.  For someone that is egg free and dairy free these little pavlovas should hit the sweet spot after lunch or dinner. Anyone can… Continue reading Egg Free Dairy Free Mini Berry Pavlovas

That Healthy Christmas

Gluten Free Rum Balls

If you are like my Mother and have to go without Gluten, permanently, you will be pleased with this recipe. Just because you have to avoid, doesn't mean your diet should be bland. Click here for instructions on how to create these lovely festive balls of goodness!Just try not to eat the whole batch!

That Healthy Christmas

Ginger Spice Quinoa Cookies

On the fifth day of December, I present to you…. some ginger cookies even you can do! If you've never baked with quinoa before here is your chance to give it a go. You'll find it adds an nice texture. Make sure you buy dry quinoa flakes, not the grains. Click here for the recipe.… Continue reading Ginger Spice Quinoa Cookies