That Healthy Recipe

Meatless Monday -Pesto ‘Zucchetti’

If you are yet to get on the meat free Monday train, today you can try it out. Now don't get me wrong, I love a succulent piece of lamb at the best of times, however here in Australia we are one of the biggest consumers of red meat in the world. We eat too… Continue reading Meatless Monday -Pesto ‘Zucchetti’

Healthy Product Review

Product Review – Go Natural Nut Delight Bar

I was excited to sample this new product by Go Natural. It's a muesli bar that boasts a 4.5 Health Star Rating on the front packet. How did it shape up nutritionally for me? Product specifications Health Claims Gluten Free Cholesterol Free Low Sodium The good stuff This muesli bar measures in at 35g which is nicely portioned… Continue reading Product Review – Go Natural Nut Delight Bar

That Healthy Recipe

A Dietitian’s Lunch

Today I'm off on a picnic to catch up with fellow Dietitian friends. We are all bringing a plate of food to share. I am usually a sweet person, so I often bring muffins or other variety of (healthy) baked goods. To shake things up a little I thought I would try a savoury option.… Continue reading A Dietitian’s Lunch

That Healthy Easter

Easter Egg Chicks

Day 3 of healthy Easter ideas - adorable stuffed egg chicks! They are Gluten Free and high in protein. You should enjoy these for breakfast on the long Easter weekend to keep you reaching from a chocolate egg! Follow the recipe below from for a basic Devilled Eggs recipe. Then simply add currants for… Continue reading Easter Egg Chicks

That Healthy Christmas

Gluten Free Rum Balls

If you are like my Mother and have to go without Gluten, permanently, you will be pleased with this recipe. Just because you have to avoid, doesn't mean your diet should be bland. Click here for instructions on how to create these lovely festive balls of goodness!Just try not to eat the whole batch!