Notecard with the word mindfullness, resting on a window sill.
Non-Diet Approach

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating involves eating with non-judgemental enjoyment, while incorporating all of our senses. The practice stems from Zen Buddhism and involves being present in the moment. It is a skill that you can apply at any meal, to help identify eating behaviours that no longer serve you. Such behaviours push you further away from tuning… Continue reading What is mindful eating?

Nutrition Advice

This Summer, forget about body transformations. Here’s why.

Happy new year! I realise I am a little late in getting to my first post of the year. This has been partially deliberate, and the other half just plain busy with my family and work. I wanted to personally welcome and new followers that have recently signed up to my blog. I am so… Continue reading This Summer, forget about body transformations. Here’s why.

Nutrition Advice

What are you hungry for?

Hunger. We all experience it, several times a day. Or at least we should experience it several times a day. Modern life means that for some, true hunger is never really experienced. Instead, some are bombarded with mixed messages all day, meaning that their intrinsic hunger cues are subdued. More eating occasions throughout the day… Continue reading What are you hungry for?