Feeding Kids

Top 3 tips for fussy eaters

If you are concerned about fussy eaters in your household, you're not alone. Estimates show that up to one in two children will go through a fussy eating period. It is quite common for young children to exert their independence and refuse certain foods. In addition, toddlers frequently change what their favourite food is. One… Continue reading Top 3 tips for fussy eaters


Meatless Monday -Pesto ‘Zucchetti’

If you are yet to get on the meat free Monday train, today you can try it out. Now don't get me wrong, I love a succulent piece of lamb at the best of times, however here in Australia we are one of the biggest consumers of red meat in the world. We eat too… Continue reading Meatless Monday -Pesto ‘Zucchetti’

Q and A

If vegetables had labels would we eat more?

I often wonder if vegetables had labels with health claims, would we be inclined to eat more of them? It is a common belief that to eat healthy is expensive. If we ate according to the Australian Guide To Healthy Eating, and achieved the required serves of fruit (2) and vegetables (5) each day, fruit and… Continue reading If vegetables had labels would we eat more?

Feeding Kids

Feeding babies

I don't always get time to cook, but when I do, I embrace it. Recently I made a few batches of baby meals for my daughter. Although it's time consuming, and much more involved then simply choosing from a myriad of tempting flavours of baby food at the supermarket, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is just something soul cleansing… Continue reading Feeding babies