Variety is the spice of life

This week I encourage you all to try something new in your eating repertoire. I know myself I tend to gravitate to the same foods in the supermarket, but just by adding something different each week you will be giving yourselves some added nutrition and possibly different vitamins and minerals. The more varied our diet is, the more nutrients we are providing ourselves .

Has anyone tried purple carrots? Or white sweet potato? Even a yellow capsicum is enough to brighten your Monday.

So get creative and think about what you are currently eating, and ponder an alternative. For example if you often buy white bread, choose something you never have before, maybe pumpkin seed bread. This is an easy and subtle way to start including more nutritious foods. You could even make it a challenge in the family or your household to see who can come up with something that no one has tried.

For me, this week I am going to experiment with butter beans. What are you going to try?

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  1. We just bought a green cauliflower yesterday and the kids are keen to give it a try!

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